Welcome to MacAllan Ridge

MacAllan Ridge is an 80-acre luxury resort development in the Great Smoky Mountains. Every aspect of MacAllan Ridge is the product of an integrated development strategy designed to create the region’s “First True Rental Resort in the Smokies.”

Guests of MacAllan Ridge will be welcomed by what appears to be a castle arising out of the smoky mountain mist. They’ll discover the magnificence of The Claymore Lodge perched on a hillside elevated by a series of terraced lawns. The Claymore will feature 17 one-bedroom suites, a restaurant and bar, conference facilities and an event staging capability approaching 300 guests.

Adjacent to The Claymore will be the Amenities Center featuring the Outdoor Aquatic Center, Fitness Center & Day Spa, and snack bar. Further up the mountain, in Garden Golf Park guests will have access to a 9-hole par three golf course.

Accommodations will include our guests’ choice of 1, 2, 4, 5 or 8 bedroom lavishly furnished mountain lodges.

And whether hiking the trails, enjoying the catch-and-release pond at Horseshoe Falls, or strolling through Garden Golf Park, guests will experience the majesty of The Smoky Mountains without ever having to leave MacAllan Ridge, the “First True Rental Resort in the Smokies.”