Site Plan

A guiding philosophy of the development of MacAllan Ridge is its harmonious integration with the natural beauty of its Smoky Mountain surroundings. A dedicated team of landscape artists has developed a $3 million dollar landscape plan that includes 2.5 miles of on-site hiking trails. The result is a relaxing natural environment nestled among one of America’s most beautiful mountain settings.

To ensure the objective of becoming the “First True Rental Resort in the Smokies”, the MacAllan Ridge site plan was designed to embellish and showcase the natural beauty of the mountains such that it “worked with what the Lord had already made.” Instead of another clear-cutting frenzy, the development team chose to remove trees only when necessary and engineered the contoured roadways with views of rhododendron and covered waterfalls. The team clustered buildings along shared driveways to limit disturbance and create natural enclaves, and limited building areas to natural gently sloped sites, instead of the common practice of hanging cabins off a cliff.

But perhaps the most discerning and inspired achievement of the MacAllan Ridge team was to maintain the tree canopy. By doing so, the song birds will continue to nest and sing the sweet mountain music our guests can enjoy for generations to come.

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